$2.5 Million Initiative Brings a World of Opportunity to UT Students

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3 min readNov 10, 2022

Gift to McCombs Center for Global Business at UT Positions Students for World’s Challenges

Cutting-edge international coursework and global experience will become more accessible for students at The University of Texas at Austin thanks to a $2.5 million gift to the Center for Global Business from Raymond Brimble, founder and CEO of the Lynxs Holdings, and his wife, Karen.

Hear the story behind the gift.

Preparing Texans for the Future

A proud Texan and a Longhorn at heart, Ray is a UT graduate who has founded and managed 30 companies across North and Central America and Europe. He’s therefore quick to remind those he meets that Texas boasts 21.5% of all United States exports, the largest airports and seaports on the planet, and the 9th largest economy in the world. In Ray’s words, “Texas business is global business.”

McCombs School of Business Dean Lillian Mills (left) and Ray Brimble (right).

For more than 30 years, the Center for Global Business has supported McCombs’ International Business program, promoting global business acumen and engagement at UT-Austin. Students pursuing an International Business Major or one of several IB-related minors at McCombs gain a top-tier business education and receive individualized advising and guidance in preparation for careers in the global environment.

But recent years have brought huge changes to the global economy, and preparing students at the state’s flagship university for this dynamic has never been more important. As Ray explains, “Rapid global change calls for the leadership skills that a UT education provides.” Students across the 40 Acres are seeking global preparation in greater numbers, and thanks to the Brimble Global Impact Initiative, CGB is ready to serve.

The Brimble Global Impact Initiative

Immediate goals for the Brimble Global Impact Initiative include:

  • New and updated international business course offerings. The dynamic nature of international business challenges faculty to develop and present course content in real time. Support from the Brimble Global Impact Initiative will help fund instruction that addresses these rapid changes
  • Broader outreach to global alumni. Longhorns across the globe credit their time at UT with their success. The Brimble Global Impact Initiative will facilitate connections among global alumni and help become involved with students. Serving as speakers, mentors, and employers will enable them to help craft the next generation of leaders.
  • Scholarship funding for experiential learning. The cost of international experience can be prohibitive. Scholarships funded by the Brimble Global Impact Initiative will reduce financial barriers to international experience, increasing access for all UT students
“What starts here changes the world, and I hope this donation will help our students make a positive contribution .” — Ray Brimble

Ray’s gift has launched an exciting suite of international business programs at UT. He has also seeded an endowment to ensure sustainability of these courses, connections, and opportunities in perpetuity. Join Ray and CGB as they prepare the next generation of global leaders. For more information on the Brimble Global Impact Endowment visit us online at bit.ly/bimble-initiative or donate today!