CGB Board of Advisors Spotlight: Austin Renfroe

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3 min readMay 11, 2023


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Austin Renfroe, CEO RENFROE

The CGB is honored to have a fantastic Board of Advisors. Today, we spotlight board member Gavon “Austin” Renfroe.

Austin Renfroe is a UT alumnus, Class of ’04, receiving his Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE) and Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Math. He went on to study law abroad in Japan at Temple University Japan. Austin recalls, “Attending law school in Tokyo was a transformative experience for me. I had never visited a country where nearly everything — the language, the food, the customs, the way of life — was entirely foreign to me. I felt like I had landed on the moon. I quickly learned that Japan has some of the most welcoming, respectful, and industrious people on the planet. They have also integrated nature and preserved historical architecture in a city with twice the population of New York City, which is not an easy feat. I continue to be inspired every time I visit.” He received his Juris Doctorate (J.D.) in Intellectual Property Law from Emory University.

In college, Austin founded his first startup, an automotive import/export business, and served as a technical consultant in automotive manufacturer litigation. After receiving his J.D. and passing the patent bar exam, he worked first as an associate in a large IP litigation firm, then started his own law firm and served as General Counsel for multiple startup companies. In 2010, Austin joined his family’s workforce logistics and insurance claims company, RENFROE, and now serves as CEO. He also serves on the board of, or as an advisor to, several startup companies and venture capital funds.

“I’ve previously been an engineer and an attorney, and I never experienced the same level of personal fulfillment that I do in the insurance claims industry,” Austin says about his career journey. “It is rare to find a field like ours where you can make an immediate, positive impact in people’s lives during times of need. We also support the insurance industry, without which no one would be able to drive a car, own a home, run a business, or protect their loved ones like we do in modern society.”

Outside of his career, and his service on the CGB Board of Advisors since 2021, Austin enjoys “pretty much any water-related activity.” But his biggest love is scuba diving. Austin recalls, “My father was an avid diver, and he must have passed that love down to me because I am about to take my 2,000th dive this month. Being down there weightless in the silent, cold darkness is like a meditative session for me and helps me clear my head.”

For those pursuing international careers, Austin says, “Travel to as many places as you can to gain exposure to different people and ways of life. Treat those trips as educational experiences instead of just vacations and bring back at least one lesson learned from each trip that you can integrate into your life.”

Written by Austin Renfroe | With Victor DePasqual

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