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2 min readMay 2, 2023


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Having access to excellent leaders and managers — wherever they’re currently located — is critical to global companies. So sending excellent employees abroad and hiring from overseas are part of the competitive strategy. But you might not realize that there’s an industry behind helping global companies manage expatriate assignments.

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In her CGB video from March of last year, Noel Ellison, global mobility consultant and KPMG partner, provided an in-depth discussion about personnel development strategies for global business, the logistics behind moving people across the globe, and hiring strategies companies are implementing to continue growth. Noel’s discussion, “Emerging Global Business Models: How Companies are Managing Risks and Sourcing Talent Across Borders,” provides insights not only into the ways companies handle leadership and management but sets forth specific skill sets vital for anyone wanting to break into leadership and management positions in today’s global industries.

Noel Ellison: Emerging Global Business Models

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In a presentation from CGB’s VIP speaker series, “Global Leadership: Managing Across Cultures,” MBA, Maxine Lu dives into vital cultural skills that are a necessity in a global leadership and management role. Lu explains how cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication skills play an important role in today’s international business. She explains that companies and business leaders appreciate and use cross-cultural communication skills to better lead organizations and manage multicultural teams. Lu further emphasizes how cultural differences stimulate a company’s internal growth and provide advantages for international businesses in terms of operations and strategy.

Maxine Lu: Global Leadership

Written by Julian Gonzalez, CGB InternThis is Julian’s last article for the CGB Blog. We thank him for his contributions and wish him luck as he enters his senior year this fall.

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