Global Readiness Week 2023!

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Just a few short weeks ago, the Center for Global Business hosted its second annual Global Readiness Week (GRW). The goal of this three day event was to encourage and inspire students to take charge of their futures and get ready for a world in which business has no borders.

Dr. Deirdre Mendez preparing to introduce GRW’s Keynote Speaker, Nina Vaca.

For day one, students were lining up out the door to attend the keynote speaker event Inspiration and Impact Through Global Entrepreneurship. This was an opportunity for students to hear from Nina Vaca, Founder and CEO of Pinnacle Group, a powerhouse global entrepreneur. You can view the talk here:

In day two, CGB brought cultural cuisine from across the globe to Austin at the International Food and Culture Extravaganza. Here, students were able to get a taste of what an international experience can bring, ask questions about different cultures, and find out about opportunities to study abroad.

The Portuguese Flagship Program booth at the International Food and Culture Extravaganza

On day three, CGB teamed up with the International Business Student Association and asked students to test their knowledge of international business, culture and IB programs at McCombs as part of a Trivia Night: International Edition.

IBSA Trivia Hosts Hanna Llanca and Ava Wheeler grabbing a selfie with the trivia teams

With over 230 students attending across the three days, Global Readiness Week was a huge success, and students at The University of Texas are now a little bit more prepared for a world in which business has no borders.

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