Randall Kempner: Commitment to the Cause

CGB Insights
1 min readMar 16, 2023

Long before Randall Kempner became a Senior Advisor to the Energy and Environment Program at the Aspen Institute, he was an MBA student at the McCombs School of Business. That’s where he first met Ray Brimble, and how he first connected with the Center for Global Business. Ray would ultimately become a mentor to Randall over the years, and CGB would in turn benefit from his support and experience.

Randall shares CGB’s commitment to International Business education at UT. He has supported CGB’s mission in a many ways over the years — by serving on CGB’s Board of Advisors, speaking on ESG investment in CGB’s VIP Speaker Series, mentoring International Business students, and connecting CGB to potential partners in the corporate and non-profit sectors.

Recently, Randall added financial support to this list. His contribution to the Brimble Global Impact Endowment will help support international business education in perpetuity.

Hear Randall explain why now, and why CGB:

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