The UK Opens Its Doors to UT Graduates

The University of Texas at Austin is one of just 37 leading universities from around the world — and one of just six public universities in the U.S. — whose recent graduates are now eligible to apply for High Potential Individual (HPI) visas to the United Kingdom. This acknowledgement of UT Austin’s position as a global elite university is a significant benefit to recent Longhorn alumni, who can use the HPI visa to gain a foothold and start a global career.

Westminster Palace, London. A potentially common sight for UT graduates under the new HPI visa.

HPI visas allow individuals to enter the U.K. who meet any of the following criteria:

HPI visas are valid for at least two years, and can be converted into other long-term employment visas. HPI visas can also extend to cover partners and children of the eligible candidate.

HPI visa applicants must:

Application costs are about $1,150, and applicants applying from outside the U.K. typically receive confirmation within 3 weeks.

More information is available on the U.K. Government’s High Potential Individual Visa webpage. For more information about the Center for Global Business and its efforts to connect students with international opportunity, visit our website at



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