Welcoming CGB’s New Intern

Hello! I am Juo-Lin Tsai, a third-year Psychology and Human Dimensions of Organizations double major from Taipei, Taiwan. This academic year, I will be assisting the Center for Global Business with various administrative projects and blog posts as the project coordinating intern.

Academically focused on studying human behaviors, I am dedicated to observing social interactions and solving human-centered issues. Throughout college, I have been actively working as an undergraduate research assistant in faculty laboratories in the psychology department. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to facilitate research studies in a variety of psychology disciplines because those experiences have helped me recognize my true passion for researching human behaviors in organizations. Specifically, I am interested in studying how psychology can be critical in large, diverse workplaces. This interest was what encouraged me to apply for this position at the Center for Global Business. Knowing that the Center would offer an insight into international businesses, I felt that this role would not only prepare me for any future careers but also continue to foster my curiosity in corporate management. Having been given an overview of the internship, I am confident that I will develop the necessary technical and soft skills to complete any tasks assigned to me. Additionally, I know that this experience will also fine-tune the skills I currently possess and help me become a more well-rounded individual.

With the belief that this internship will enhance my understanding of fundamental business practices and globalization concepts, I am beyond excited to apply this knowledge in future research. Acknowledging the impact of globalization and technological advancements on international businesses, I hope to research how intercultural communication training can foster productivity and cultural competency in organizations. My international background is the primary reason for my interest in this area. Growing up in Taiwan, I distinctly remember hearing my father conversing with co-workers around the world at 3 am during one of the company’s monthly global meetings. As a child, I found it so fascinating to see how the English language and its common purpose unites people from across the world. Now, looking back, I am so proud of my father for putting so much effort into learning not only the English language but also different cultural etiquette to communicate with his coworkers. His dedication to his job motivates me to be equally hardworking in any work I do. It also creates questions about overall business functions that I hope can be analyzed from a psychological perspective and explained through research. Noting that there are many others like him, I want to research how these people’s efforts and contributions can make lasting impacts on global organizations. This determination is what encourages me to potentially pursue a graduate degree in industrial/organization psychology.

Lastly, I want to end this post by saying how truly excited I am to intern at the Center for Global Business. This is truly an amazing opportunity for me to get firsthand experience in administrative work while learning about international businesses. Having already discovered my passion for researching organizational behaviors, I can’t wait to see how this position will further shape my academic interest and help me reach my career aspirations.




McCombs Center for Global Business develops and supports internationalization and global business education. Visit us at www.mccombs.utexas.edu/CGB for more.

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CGB News & Insights

CGB News & Insights

McCombs Center for Global Business develops and supports internationalization and global business education. Visit us at www.mccombs.utexas.edu/CGB for more.

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