What’s Next in Globalization?

CGB Insights
2 min readMar 4, 2020

A casual observer of recent international debates about globalization might be tempted to conclude that global business is suffering a downslide. Around the world, politicians of all stripes point fingers at malevolent forces unleashed by the post WWII commercial world order. And in many cases, they have the statistics to prove that huge swaths of working people have seen their jobs exported to somewhere else, and entire industries have vanished from many countries. One could equally argue that the global economic integration of the last 50+ years has generated millions of new jobs and benefited many of the same countries who claim to have been victimized … including our own.

No matter which side of this debate you are on, it’s important to note that things are changing yet again.

New global trading systems are emerging which are likely to shuffle the deck once more, perhaps in even more profound ways than before. Essential discussions concerning the effects of commerce on climate change, and the social impact of our business activities are establishing new metrics by which our trade and investment activities will be measured. This article suggests new directions we may be headed and emerging battles to be fought. It’s important to understand our recent history, but it’s also important not to re-fight the last war. Read on, and see where some of the new battle lines are being drawn

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Courtesy of Ray Brimble, Chair of the Center’s Board of Advisors and founder and managing partner of Lynxs Group LLC.