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Ray Brimble, CGB Benefactor and Proud Texan

Last fall I announced it was my sincere honor to sponsor the Brimble Global Impact Initiative at the Center for Global Business in the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin. This initiative provides seed funding for a broader and more diverse effort to enhance global business education for students at UT Austin.

Why am I making this investment? Many reasons, but two stand out to me immediately.

McCombs Dean Lillian Mills, Ray Brimble, and CGB Director Deidre Mendez are leading the way to promote International Business studies at UT and beyond.

International Business Has Been My Life’s Work

First, I am many things. I am a proud Texan born and raised right here in the Lone Star State and I am an orange-blooded Longhorn, through and through. But I am more than that — I am the son of an immigrant. Bi-cultural. Almost as interested in baklava as I am barbeque (but not quite).

I am a beneficiary of the incredibly good fortune of having been born right here, right at this moment in time.

Simply put, it’s been my life’s work and privilege to be involved in international business around the world. It’s taken me to thrilling places across the globe, allowed me to work with fascinating people, been an excellent way to make a good living, and has encouraged me to take an expanded view of mankind (as well as my own small corner of the world and obligation to it, therein).

The study of international business can therefore be an excellent way to enhance not only a business degree but any degree. After all, in today’s world, most things are international.

The CGB Board of Advisors (pictured above) has benefitted from Ray’s expertise and perspective for more than 30 years.

Texas Business Is Global Business

Another important reason I helped launch the Brimble Global Impact Initiative is that I feel that Texas has a unique place in the world at this very moment in time — one which may not yet be fully realized.

The unique history of Texas has developed into a unique position in today’s global economy.

Texas has such a unique and storied history of its own that we don’t always think about its place in the world of commerce. In fact, Texas is already a giant global economic and a cultural superstar. Texas is:

As such, we have a unique worldview by virtue of our fellow culturally-diverse Texans.

Texas business is global business. Our continued prosperity depends on understanding the rest of the world and engaging with it in positive ways. I know that many students at UT Austin wish to do just that: be the change they wish to see in the world.

That’s why I’m pleased to be working with my colleagues at UT Austin and all around the world to provide the resources, leadership, and vision to help make this happen. This is just the start. After all, what starts here, changes the world!

Learn more about Ray’s support and CGB’s mission to promote international business education and start changing the world today!



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